Development Tasks / Overview

Development tasks are all of the day-to-day work that SNODAS tools developer does to move the project forward. This documentation describes common tasks.

Separate pages are provided to focus on specific development tasks:

  • Previous Tool Version - provides background on previous tool
  • Software Design - provides an overview of the SNODAS Tools configuration, scripts, and functionality
  • PyCharm Troubleshooting - summarizes common PyCharm troubleshooting approaches
  • Git Workflow - describes how Git workflows should be handled...commits, branches, merges, etc.
  • Documenting - describes how to document code and contribute to developer and user MkDocs websites
  • Building and Running - describes how to build and run the Python scripts within PyCharm and stand-alone
  • Deploying - describes how to deploy the SNODAS Tools to operational environment
  • Future Enhancemens - a list of enhancements that should be considered for future updates of the SNODAS Tools